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Think You Can’t Afford The Birth You Want?

Have you ever made a plan of what you want during your pregnancy and birth, but found you could not afford it? Well, it is possible. Joanna is traveling to our conference to share her unique insights so that you can achieve your birth desires. Join us for her class is from 4 til 5 March 7th.

Investing in Your Birth: How what your attitude, thoughts and health affects the outcome of your birth.

Joanna L. Davis, CPM, LM(VA), EMT-B


Today in any state in the America, approximately 1 in 3 women  will have their baby delivered by Cesarean.  The case for availability for Vaginal Births after Cesarean is becoming increasingly difficult to make, even though the ACOG supports VBAC and evidence shows the benefits outweigh the risks.  The United States currently ranks 49th for infant mortality and 47th   for maternal mortality for industrialized countries worldwide!  The Cesarean delivery is the most commonly performed surgery in this country to date.  Part of the problem in America is one of lifestyle and health.  1 in 3 Americans is obese, 1 in 10 (or more) has diabetes and and approximately 1 in 4 has some form of heart disease.  So, planning your birth starts with a healthy lifestyle, which requires an investment often times before pregnancy even begins, especially in the case of planning a VBAC.

After we address lifestyle we have to look at the current mindset regarding birth in our culture, including the media.  Birth is portrayed as a dangerous, ridiculous and most often emergency event, when the reality is that birth is a natural process.  Helping families to create the proper mindset around birth is essential.  Helping women and couples to make goals and invest energy in what they do want is important and often overlooked.  Too frequently in our society we are prompted to pass the responsibility for our health and our choices overall on to “those more qualified”,  This presentation initiates a dialogue that the parents are truly the most qualified person, and thusly the most important decision maker in the process.

Lastly addressing the financial investment in attaining the birth you want is a must.  Too often people say “I can’t afford a midwife/doula/health coach/childbirth education class and they end up railroaded into interventions and birth outcomes that are less than optimal, and most of the time completely avoidable had they had the proper information and support, many times walking away saying “I wish I had known”.

This lecture can be conducted in one hour, with handouts, a slide show and time for questions and answers.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.


Joanna L. Davis CPM, LM(VA), EMT-B
(804) 658-9882    or   midwife@wiyama.com

November 27, 2015 - 5:59 am

France - First of all, I LOVE Kmom. She is so amazing. Have you seen the bredakown she does on VBA2C research? It is really, really good and if I were going to research (which I’m NOT!) I would bookmark that page and reread it a million times before my next birth.I think an important place to start would be to get an idea of what kind of birth a woman wants. If she wants a natural birth, does she know what it will take on her end to get this? As I learned, it is more than just saying you want one it takes a lot of work and the willingness to take personal responsibility for so much in your pregnancy. If we know a woman wants a certain type of birth, we can give her a lot of the knowledge and resources necessary to make this happen. For example, if she doesn’t even know, or think to ask, what her doctor’s policy is on going post-dates, she may be staring down the barrel of an induction around 40 weeks when she never even thought of that when she chose her care provider. I think also erasing, or at least trying to address, a lot of the fear around childbirth and the unknown would be really helpful. So often a woman’s only information about childbirth may come from mainstream media or people who are all too happy to talk about how painful the experience is and create a lot of fear and anxiety around the whole thing. This can lead to a woman accepting all kinds of interventions she might not otherwise want for fear of not being able to handle the pain of labor. I’m not saying every woman should have to go all natural, but I do think it is important that women are informed on the risks and benefits on all procedures associated with the birth they desire.As far as care providers, I think it would do a lot of good if doctors (and midwives) would be really up front with what their practice is comfortable handling. It would be great if they would spell out their policy on going post-dates, when they would consider inducing a woman (whether she asks or they feel it is time and how difficult would it be for a woman to refuse), a woman’s ability to refuse routine prenatal testing and/or ultrasounds. As far as VBACs specifically, I think the post-dates issue is especially important, as well as if they would induce (and how). That can really be important information for a VBAC mom to have. And, of course, you don’t want to have a mom get to the end of her pregnancy and have a VBAC mom, who thought everything was proceeding well and normally, all of a sudden be on a timetable to have her baby. I think if a CP is going to have a policy, that’s fine, but I think they should also be willing and able to explain the rationale behind it, have that be supported by scientific evidence, and be open and honest with their patients so that no one is blindsided.