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Am I Crazy to See A Chiropractor?

Chiropractor Doing AdjustmentI am the daughter of a medical doctor. I grew up visiting the hospital and was not scared of what would happen there when I gave birth, but I was not prepared for all the aches and pains of pregnancy. With my first several pregnancies, I just suffered and hoped it would get better. As I had more pregnancies and things did not improve, I knew that I needed to try other options for relief instead of sitting around feeling miserable. I had several friends suggest going to a chiropractor to get adjusted. I was very wary of that for two reasons. 1. My dad told me that they were quacks and not to be trusted. 2. My friend saw a couple different chiropractors in Nashville and told me about the screaming in the office from the other patients as they got adjusted and how she was in pain for over a week after visiting them.

If I was going to “try out” a chiropractor I needed more information. I started researching and learned that not all chiropractors are equal even after all the years of medical training. Not all are trained to work on pregnant women.

How do I know the between difference the many practices in Nashville?

ICPA chiropractors specialize in dealing with prenatal care, pregnancy, and children. They complete over 200 hours of additional training specific to women and children. You can find one on the website or check to see if your current doctor is one.

I decided to test it out and try to get relief for my varicose veins since nothing else had helped. After one adjustment I had instant relief which lasted for about 5 days. No more throbbing achy legs. Amazing! I also went again to see if she could do something to change the shooting pains from my back and belly, but this time I took my husband. The Chiropractor showed my husband how my legs were uneven due to the tightness of the muscles. She did a simple little adjustment and then showed that my legs were even now. That little change gave me relief from the shootings pains for a couple of weeks. Once again I was impressed with the results.

At the end of my pregnancy I was very grateful for the relationship of trust we had started. My care provider told me that my baby was breech and that I would have to have a c-section, end of discussion.

After 9 vaginal births, I had to have a c-section? No way!

I needed a specialist., someone who has experience with pregnant moms and babies in unusual situations. I went to the chiropractor again and she did the Webster Technique to help give room for the baby to change. I was grateful to have an option when I felt like all doors were closed to me. My final trial of the chiropractor was to use her after the baby was born to try and help with colic and spit up. She came to my house and gave me tips about what oils to not use while nursing and more. After her adjustment of my newborn, he slept for 5 hours, at like a champ and cried only a little that day. What a change!

This “test” has convinced me that chiropractors can be helpful as long as I get someone trained to work with pregnant moms and babies.